The Fish Trax™ Marketplace: Our Vision

Our goal is to build a community of trust among all of the links of the seafood value chain—from fisherman to dealer to retailer to consumer. Through our transparent system, we not only build trust but create value for every participant—whether it is a fisherman or fishing family striving to tell the story about their family business, or a consumer seeking understanding about the origin of their seafood.

The Fish Trax™ Marketplace not only links consumers and producers, but also the dealers, restaurants, and retail shops “in between.” Research shows that when producers and consumers connect and share their experiences and needs, the entire marketplace benefits. In turn, this vital and valuable information supports sustainable communities and businesses, and contributes to the health of the resource.

The Fish Trax™ Marketplace is one of many services that Fish Trax™ Systems offers. Fish Trax™ is a leading-edge electronic fishery information platform that revolutionizes the way fisheries information is collected, analyzed, and shared. The Fish Trax™ business team, which includes fishermen, marketers, scientists, and technologists, works together to help connect and empower the entire seafood system – from resource manager to consumer. Envisioned initially by fishermen and scientists to track important resource data, Fish Trax™ has grown to serve as a tool that supports integrated, collaborative, and sustainable fisheries and seafood industries.

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