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Seafood Trace System

Fish Trax™ Marketplace lets you provide consumers with a convenient and transparent way to learn about the fishers and processor who bring them their seafood

Record Catch Location by Trip

Fish Trax™ Marketplace provides a quick and convenient way for you to enter trip location so consumers can see on a map where their seafood was caught

Manage Fleet Profile

Easily enter and manage the descriptions of captains and vessels in your fleet including photographs, biographical descriptions and stories

Analyze Trips and Customers

Visualize the effectiveness of Fish Trax™ Marketplace for you and your retailers through periodic emails and simple charts and statistics

Easy. Professional. Powerful. All online.

Demo Plan

$0.0 / mo.
Free Demo Subscription - One Month

Tier 1 Plan

$41.67 / mo.
up to 50,000 lbs.

Tier 2 Plan

$83.33 / mo.
up to 1,000,000 lbs.

Tier 3 Plan

$166.67 / mo.
up to 2,000,000 lbs.

Tier 4 Plan

$416.67 / mo.
up to 10,000,000 lbs.

Tier 5 Plan

$500.0 / mo.
Unlimited volume